TalkTalk Mobile Offers

Treat your hole to a TalkTalk deal this Christmas and get a half price SIM only mobile deal for just £5 a month. This is only available to existing TalkTalk customers who have their fixed landline so if you;re not a customer and you really want the £5 a month SIM deal you’ll have to switch your home phone to TalkTalk first.

The TalkTalk SIM Only plan used to be £10 a month and is now just £5 a month and is a 12 month plan. For £5 you get 500 minutes, unlimited texts, and 1GB of mobile data.  To get the 1GB data allowance you have to buy online from This compares very nicely compared to the other mobile phone SIM only deals;

  • Virgin – £5 a month – 250 minutes, unlimited texts, 250MB data
  • Three – £7 a month – 200 minutes, unlimited texts, 500MB data
  • Tesco – £7.50 a month – 250 minutes, 5000 texts, 500MB data
  • Vodafone – £9.50 a month – 300 minutes, 500 texts, 250MB data

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