If you need some help with your retirement planning then the Aegon Retiready digital retirement planning service from could be for you.

The website lets you type in some basic details about your current pension pot and how much you or your employer puts in, and then gives you a projection of how much you’ll can retire on. The website will then let you change contributions or retirement date to see what affect this will have on your retirement pension. As with any pension calculator the version from¬† uses assumptions on how your pension will grow and inflation rates so the figures they show you aren’t exact but will give you an indication of what you can expect to retire on. The Second Aegon Uk Rediness Report (November 2014) shwos that just 6% of the UK’s population are on track to for the retirement that they want so it really does pay to check what you can expect at

Aegon aren’t doing this out of kindness, they’d really like to get your pension contributions invested with them and as an added enticement they are offering an ‘iPad mini 2′ if you invest ¬£30,000 or more into a Retiready pension. Visit for full details of the offer. We aren’t financial advisors so you really should consult an IFA if you are considering a pension or moving your pension from another provider. Basing a financial decision that will have a large impact on your life for an iPad mini 2 isn’t the greatest reason, so consider what you are doing before committing to anything.

Normal t&cs apply for financial dealings – shares can go up in value as well as down and you might not get back everything that you invested.


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