If you’ve worked in the aerospace, heavy manufacturing or any other noisy workplace you could be due some compensation if you suffer from hearing loss, ringing in your ears or other hearing related problems.

www.whatsmydeafnessclaimworth.com can help with a range of confidential advice and support as well as their no win no fee legal service. Once you’ve filled in the simple form on www.whatsmydeafnessclaimworth.com they’ll tell you what a claim could be worth if it was successful. The offer from www.whatsmydeafnessclaimworth.com is a no win no fee basis and there are no upfront or hidden costs involved.

There are lots of variables when considering if a claim can be made for hearing loss due to noise in the workplace and the www.whatsmydeafnessclaimworth.com website has an FAQ to help guide you through some of the common questions. The website is designed to capture your details so their solicitors can get in touch with you to assess your claim, but it dosn’t cost anything up front so may be worth your time to investigate.

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  1. for 10yrs I worked in factories on power presses/rolling mills and later as a fabricator welder also using compressed air tools such as grinders/sanders etc I have recently had hearing aids fitted and also suffer with tinnitus in both ears


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