Buy cover for your boiler this winter with the  npower Boiler Care deal at from £4.20 a month and that includes a boiler service worth £99.

npower boiler care starts at £4.20 for the basic cover package and includes an annual boiler service, access to a 24 hou helpline, unlimited callouts to fix your boiler (£100 call out fee) with parts and labour included. The work will be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer and all repairs are guaranteed for 12 months. The $4.20 deal from the advert covers your boiler only and not the entire central heating system such as pumps, thermostats and radiators.

If you need cover for your boiler and central heating system then you’ve got two options, the Standard  or Superior package. The Standard costs £13.00 a month and has a £50 call out charge and the Superior boiler and central heating system package costs £15.50 a month with no call out fees.

If you’re not sure if this is right for you, check out all the terms and conditions and see the reviews on which show that 97% of npower’s customers would recommend them. Work out the cost of a simple repair to your boiler using the various repair estimate websites and then see how much it would cost to buy the cover. The cost of heat exchangers runs into the £hundereds so paying £50.40 + £100 call out charge for a replacement makes good sense. The downside is if your boiler happily runs for the year without and problems, and you didn’t need to pay the £50.40 for the boiler cover. The good news is that boiler cover from comes with a boiler service which you should really have anyway. Makes good sense!

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