NHS waiting list times can be a problem when you really need to be seen so its good to see the www.benenden.co.uk/mail1 offer helping to speed things up.

Beneden provide a ‘discretionary’ service for £7.80 a month which means that they provide a complimentary service to the NHS. This meas that they decide how best to help members who are n trouble or have delays in finding help elsewhere. They can offer a help through their advisory service or even prompt diagnosis or treatment. They are not an insurance company and there will be some services that they are unable to help with.

The www.benenden.co.uk/mail1 offer is just £7.80 a month and if you need any more information on the www.benenden.co.uk/mail1 offer just visit the website. Its good to see that Beneden helped 91 percent of members who asked for help and 98 percent of them said they were happy with the Beneden service.

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