Morrisons 1/2 Price Sun Cream Offers

The Morrisons advert says that ‘The Sun has Got its Hat On’ so its important to make sure that you get some sun cream on to protect your skin.

Stock up on sun cream for the summer with the better than half price deals or half price offers on selected sun creams from Morrisons.

Morrisons Better Than Half Price Sun Cream Deals;

  • Nivea Kids Coloured Spray SPF 50+ was £12.99 now £5
  • Nivea Protect & Refresh Aerosol SPF20 was £13.99 now £6
  • Nivea Pure & Sensative Lotion SPF50 was £11.99 now £5
  • Nivea Kids Pure & Sensitive Spray SPF50+ was £12.99 now £6

Morrisons Half Price Sun Cream Deals

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