Open a bank account at before the end of February 2013 and M&S will give you a gift card worth £100 that you can spend on anything you like in M&S. Not bad for opening a current account and you don’t even have to switch your banking over to them.

If you do want to switch form your current bank then the offer has an extra bonus. Switch your banking to M&S when you sign up at and they will send you a shopping voucher every month for 12 months. These vouchers get you 20pct off one transaction per month up to the value of £250. That’s 20pct off one transaction of up to £250, not £250 discount per month! This deal could be worth up to £600 if you get the maximum discount allowed, but you do have to pay a monthly fee for this account so make sure that the saving you make on your shopping every month is more than the fee (currently £15) Make sure that the up front voucher offers and monthly deals make it worth while paying £15 a month.

On top of the voucher deals you also get a ‘Birthday Gift’, triple points on the M&S credit card and double points on the M&S Debit Card, and hot drinks vouchers for the M&S cafe.

Switching with the offer means moving at least 2 direct debits or standing orders to your Marks and Spencer Account within the first 6 months of the account being opened.



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