The www.5colours.co.uk website is now selling the ’5 Colours’ Premium Electronic Cigarette from just £6.99 with a choice of 5 different flavours.

As they are electronic cigarettes there’s no tar, no nicotine and no standing outside in the rain with the people smoking real cigarettes and damaging their health. The 5 Colours Electronic Cigarettes from www.5colours.co.uk come in a choice of flavours; Apple (green), Blueberry (blue), Grape (purple), Peach (peach) and Strawberry (red) and cost £6.99 per cigarette or a pack of 5 for £24.99

According the the info on www.5colours.co.uk , electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke so there’s no inhalation of dangerous smoke for you or anyone near you and you can use them indoors, avoiding the UK public places ban. No smoke, no tar, no nicotine and none of the many thousands of poisons that you find in normal cigarettes.

Each electronic cigarette gives you around 300 puffs for £6.99 whihc is roughly the same as a pack of 20 traditional cigarettes so  its a decent saving on your pocket as well as your health. Many people use e-cigarettes as a way to stop smoking normal cigarettes as they help you ‘smoke’ and distract you from the lack of the addictive nicotine. Get yours now from www.5colours.co.uk


  1. I would like to purchace a pack of the 5, is there any shops that sell them?

    • poundland pack of 5

  2. I ordered a few of the flavoured e cigarettes and one of them was faulty and ran out after just a few puffs, I wrote to the 5colours info email address to let them know and they replied saying tha a replacement would be sent out to me…..that was about 2 weeks ago and nothing has been sent, I have been emailing them and they have been ignoring me.

    I think it’s very rude to offer a replacement and then send nothing as these cigarettes are not cheap at £6.99 for 300 approx puffs and I only had at least 100 puffs if that.

    The flavours are interesting and I would of ordered more but I am very disappointed with their customer service, so I will no longer be a customer.

    • why is my local poundland selling the packs of 5 for £1 are these been copied but cant see the scammers doing that for the little money they earn from them or are these seconds in some way ?


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