Quit smoking those nasty cigarettes with all the tar and chemicals that are harming your health and try the www.gamucci.com/star electronic cigarette offer instead.

The www.gamucci.com/star deal is an exclusive offer for readers of the Daily Star and they have 100,000 starter kits to give away for free. The kit includes 1 HI-Powered Recharbeable Batter, 1 USB Battery Charger and 1 Cartomizer. All you have to do is screw in a Cartomizer refill into the rechargeable battery and inhale.

The Cartomizer delivers the same nicotine fix as a traditional cigarette and according to Dr Chris Steele on the www.gamucci.com/star advert, ‘smoking’ a Gamucci electronic cigarette mean that you won’t be inhaling the 4000 poisons you’d find in a normal cigarette.

The www.gamucci.com/star offer gets you a free Gamucci Starter Kit and all you have to pay for is the £4.99 for postage, packing and administration. The Cartomizer refill gives you the same as around 40 normal cigarettes and once you get near to the end of its life you can send off for a pack of re-fills in a range of strengths and flavours, with a 3 pack of re-fills costing £5.95

Depending on how much you smoke, you can work out how much you could save over a year when you switch to a Gamucci electronic cigarette from the www.gamucci.com/star offer. A £2 refill vs 40 of your normal brand of cigarettes is quite a saving, so imagine the saving over a year. Electronic cigarettes look the same as normal ones, and are legal to use in public places. Buy yours now from the www.gamucci.com/star offer.


  1. would like to claim free electronic starter kit

  2. where do I find the offer in the Star for free starter kit ???
    Have looked at all sites that come up when I put the advert address in . I would like to try this as want to statr using an E Cigarette .

  3. how do i buy some starter pack


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