If you’re over 50 and like the idea of fixing your car insurance for 2 years then the www.rias.co.uk/2yearfixed offer is what you need.

Get a great deal on your first year’s premium and know that you’ll get the same great price next year thanks to the the www.rias.co.uk/2yearfixed deal from RIAS.

RIAS are able to offer low cost premiums as they only insure the over 50′s and only those who have 9 years no claims discount and no convictions or claims in the last 3 years. The 2 year fixed price car insurance offer from RIAS is only available until the end of January 2013 and like all RIAS insurance quotes, you’ll get a free Parker Pen (worth £7.45) when you get a quote.

If you qualify for the www.rias.co.uk/2yearfixed insurance criteria, the worst that will happen is that you get a free Parker Pen for your troubles. Get a quote now from www.rias.co.uk/2yearfixed and check the full terms and conditions before you pay up.

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